Sitting behind a stage,  they’ve come to see the show , Chatting in whisper,  I tighten up my bow,  the curtains draw back,  as I smile and begin to wave,  an audience builds as the light strikes Upon  the stage,  I have everyone’s attention as I begin the show,  everyone’s attention but a certain little girl, continuing my act, I look to see again,  arms crossed over never looking over,  I continue the show again. The lights dim low,  this is the finale sceen. Her head turns toward me Now, I froze inside the scene,  her eyes glism with brown,  as a tear rolls down her cheek,  studying all her features my heart pounds as my mind leaves the room. She looks like me I thought,  but I know it wasn’t true,  everyone stands before me,  as a tear rolls down my face,  I looked back to the little girl Now,  but it seems  she was misplaced,  the roses start to fall,  for the show is finally done,  the curtains drop forward as my mind thinks of her.  Kneeling down before me I think of my baby girl,  my eyes fill with water as my heart bbegins to hurt,  Its all silent now for I must prepare for the show,  the audience chat in whisper as I tighten up my bow,  the curtains draw mack as the light strikes the stage,  starring in the audience I see my baby girl once more enraged. 


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