The first Time that we met, we felt the spark from deep with in, Nervous to your presence, I didn’t know where to begin. Her Voice echoes in my thoughts,  and runs threw my brain.  At first we were just  a spark,  but  grew into A flame,  day by day our love grew more,  she Has me on my knees,  scrubbing and cleaning floors,  in love with each other our flaws That we both knew. She pushes my buttons and I push hers to,  happily ever after at least that’s what i knew, months go by,  no tears cried our relationship Holding strong,  going crazy with out u when your gone to long,  when you leave  to find relief,  I stress out and even cry,  contacting all to find you, trying locate  the so called guy,  when you come back,  I give anything just to have you,  take you any way if you wanted,  but never chew,  your the end of my worries,  and the down fall of my day,  sparking like water,  I’m just 2 bIcks too late.   


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