Dream scape. 

Starring into abyss,  I drink in what I have found,  I feel the gaze upon me as I Drift round and round,  seeing all the sounds and hearing all the Colors,  trying to fight current but the undertow pulls me under, As the swirls slow,  I drip into a room,  a mans stands  in front of me,  restrained I can’t move,  whispering his thoughts,  but never saying words,  the room blows apart As the journey has just begun,  orbiting the earth I swim for the sun,  an angel falls before me and hands me a gun,  pointing at myself I raise my flag and pull the trigger,  blinking my eyes once to reveal another picture,  my chest an empty whole my heart dwindles in the sky,  reaching for the clouds I grow wings and start to fly,  I’m closer to the sun but I’m landing on the moon,  one step for man but I’m not wearing shoes.  Free falling to earth I close my eyes to prepare for doom,  opening up my eyes I wake up inside my room. Another trip discovered as I ingest the next move.  Numbing my thoughts is a game I can not loose. 


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