My dark side

 As I woke I felt the world had changed, a distance in my vision my mental thoughts a little strange, rising from the bed open my eyes and started my rou, strutting to the stove I rotate my breakfast then i poo, I put my shades on cause I’m always looking breathless, this evil side always sending a dark cruel horrifing methage. It’s my morning Coffe, it’s my big event of the show, kicks in my step with a sniff on this boat I always row, flowing down this river on quick turn I’m always caught in a maze, getting irritated I twist my head then I blaze, lost in one direction I try to pick but I can’t choose, mental thoughts got me my life I always choose to abuse, eaten from the inside my dark side takes my mind as i fade and drift away, switching to auto pilot the world turns grey, …(takes a rip) “(dark side)”” I’m the silent type, when you swing I always sway, no fucks are given, leaving b’s in my wake, throwin up my middle finger, 360 as I doing I always twirl, smiling to everyone around me saying fuck the free world. I’ve lost the Sence of emotion as I lost all self control, sold my self to my dark side, now it has my soul, counting all the days that I have control again, never gone for to long then I take control again, deleting all memorie, Im your start, I’ll be your end, my own code of ethic, when I speak in silece you hear me deep from with in, the most wanted side I’m shinned by them all, the black sheep of my family, the worse side  of them all” , staring at the world around me the other side starts to break, hears your five minutes heres your fucking lunch break”. “(Light side)”, I  think small but try hard for all big, had this dream before me since I was just a little kid, looking out the window watching people when they cruise, 6-4 impalas, spiked rims, white wall shoes. Sitting on that cushion, my goals and life I had strait, too much determination didnt have to debate,  trying to look forward but my head always in the past, thinking about the one that got me karms always bits in the ass, thinking about my girl she about to turn two, haven’t seen in months back when she had one tooth, barley saying daddy Buying her diapers tmile out in front but I’m hurting from with in, raising up my cup partying at night cause Lord knows that inhale sinned.


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