sink hole

As I take a step, I look and see the pond, confident in my decision I throw my bag across, helping what has fallen in, on the shore I know they are safe, no one walks away from this, the sinking dark weary pond . Taking a long gaze I take two steps and predict my launch, others have gone before me as I see where they have launched, running up to the edge,the others before me trip me so I fall, what was once a confident leap, turned into a terrible cannon ball, traveling on this dark path , a place that I have come to know, traveling on this dark path, a path I’ve roamed alone. Traitor of my own words, my kindness an advantage for them to keep, my thoughts display before me, as I sink to my defeat, looking all around, they see me sink as I cry for help, most of them laughed, the sand rises above my belt, closing my eyes this is the reality of my fate, opening my eyes my head sinks I known its to late. Gasping for air, my mind start to drift acceptant of my fate, my hands in the air, but who really cares, I was bound to be here sooner than late.


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